The Haunted Straw Maze

The Rexburg Haunted Straw Maze


October 3rd – 31st
Friday: 5pm-12am
Saturday: 3pm-12am

The Haunted Straw maze and Haunted Forest is open from 7pm-12am Fridays & Saturdays starting Oct. 3rd

Haunted Prices:

Ages                  Maze
12+ $9
5-11 $7
0-4 FREE

Season Pass: $35

Haunted All Inclusive Package: $15

(Haunted Package Includes: Haunted Forest and Haunted Maze ticket!)

  We accept Cash or Debit/Credit Cards.  Have a Big Group? Hook yourself up with a discount!


When darkness falls The Straw Maze becomes haunted during the weekends. Shadows lurk down every pathway and you never know when something might be creeping up behind you. The straw bales tower above you with monsters behind each bend waiting to scare. What better thrill to give yourself during this spooky month! Bring a group and laugh as you watch your friends and family jump in fear, or bring a date you want to get closer to. The Haunted Straw maze is definitely the best way to celebrate Halloween this year.