Helicopter over The Straw Maze

It was the opening day at The Straw Maze for the fall 2010 Halloween season. One of the first people in line that opening night, eager to “Get Lost” was a helicopter pilot and his family. Earlier that day he was flying his small helicopter over an open field when he noticed a mess of tangled straw bales. He had never heard of or seen a Straw Maze before and thought, “what a cool idea, I have got to give this a try.”

After many fly by’s and hoovering uncomfortably low over The Straw Maze, he thought that he had the right path memorized. His confidence was strong and his ego was big, he thought he could make it through the Haunted Hay Bale maze with ease.

The helicopter pilot gave it his best try but the sharp curves and shifting shadows of the hay bale maze had him beat. It took him and his family over an hour to make it out. The pilot had been to many other fun fall activities, corn maze’s and other Halloween events but nothing that A-Maze-ing Before

A Low Hoovering Helicopter's View of The Straw Maze