The Straw Maze is built with over 1000 straw bales and is a very unique experience, different from any other Halloween activity, more challenging than Corn Mazes and scarier than than a haunted house. Straw Mazes are built with towering walls separated by short bursting pathways that send Straw Maze explorers probing for the only passageway out! The Straw Maze is built on 1 to 2 acres. Although its size is dwarfed by corn mazes, the average time to complete The Straw Maze is 45 minutes to 1 hour, nearly the same time it takes to complete a corn maze. Most participants prefer this because it provides the same amount of difficulty in 1/10th the walking distance. The Straw Maze is difficult because of narrow pathways, solid shear walls that you can’t see or pass through, and sharp oftentimes undetectable paths. The Straw Maze is lit well enough to be safe, yet entices silhouettes and movement dancing down unexplored, unknown hallways of straw. Try something new this Halloween season and get Lost in The Rexburg Straw Maze!

Corn Maze

Corn Mazes have been around for quite some time. The biggest Corn Maze ever built, labeled by The Guinness Book of World Records was in California, the entire Corn Maze covered 40 acres, but the average-sized Corn Maze is actually 15-20 square acres. Oftentimes, Corn Mazes can be long and drawn out, requiring excessive walking distances. The main difficulty comes from long extended pathways that offer few alternative routes and lengthy straight-aways. Most Corn Mazes are well lit with pathways about 8 feet wide and can sometimes be haunted or create a haunting feeling while going through at night. The different paths through the Corn Maze can sometimes be divided by only a small wall of corn stalks, making it easy to jump from one path to another or see your way out. Corn Mazes can be a fun activity if you are up for the same old thing and you want to walk forever, but this fall season comes out to The Rexburg Straw Maze and Get Lost before Halloween.


A Corn Maze can be a fun experience, however, if you are looking for a true “maze experience” you should visit The Rexburg Straw Maze 7600 South 2000 West Rexburg Idaho. The main difference between a corn maze and a straw maze is that you are unable to cheat or cut corners in a straw maze. Straw mazes are much more challenging because you can’t walk through a straw bale like you can corn stalks in a corn maze. A corn maze over time gets trodden down and can become thinner and more transparent revealing other paths, this makes it easy to find the right way out. Straw bales maintain their shape and structure, this makes straw mazes higher quality and more challenging, your ability to cheat is eliminated so you will feel like you really are in a true maze. It is impressive to wind around in circles for hours surrounded by towering walls of straw.

A traditional corn maze stretches over 15-20 acres and involves excessive walking down long straight pathways. Pathways are not easily concealed, rows of corn stalks are thin enough that a corn maze requires a lot of space between each hallway and are unable to provide sharp, quick bursting corners making the path long and straight. A straw maze spans 1-2 acres and is a lot more challenging, requires a lot less walking and offers sharp corners that lead to almost undetectable dead ends and pathways. It is the sharp corners that make a straw maze the ideal haunted adventure you never know what might be lurking right behind the next bend. Although a straw maze is dwarfed in size compared to a corn maze they both require the same amount of time to make it through. Just picture yourself walking down 4 foot wide hallways of identical straw bales that tower 8 feet overhead, spending the same amount of time as compared to a corn maze that is 15 times bigger! The Rexburg Straw Maze usually takes people an average of 45 minutes to walk through, that is if you don’t get lost and the straw monsters haven’t gotten you!

So, come out and enjoy the Straw Maze. Visit during a weekday or Friday and Saturday before dark for the original Straw Maze (that is not haunted) or on the weekend after dark to experience the Haunted Straw Maze. We look forward to seeing you there!

You can also find out more about The Straw Maze at: The Standard Journal or Wikipedia